Mehrad lajevardi Photographer

Mehrdad Lajevardi

was born in 1991/06/01.

 begun learning photography since 2003.

 begun working as photojournalism since 2005.

 begun working as filmmaker and script writer since 2010.

I was honored to get a scholarship so as to study film making in Mumbay-India and I was granted the certificate equivalent of diploma and a special certificate .

I was also honor to get another scholarship in order to study film making in Bangkok-Thailand and I was granted the certificate.

I was also honored to be invited to study an E-Course film making held by Hassan Sarbakhshian, and was granted the certificate.


Course and tutorial :


 Analogue  Camera  Photography course in photography association 2003.


 Analogue  Camera  photography tutorial with BAHMAN JALLALI in 2003.


Analogue  Camera photography course in MAH o MEHR institute in 2004.


Analogue  black and white printing in tutorial course in Tehran art and architecture university 2004.


Analogue  black and white printing  tutorial held by PEYMAN HOUSHMAND ZADEH in 2004.


Cinematic photography course in Rouzane institute in 2005-2006( Dropped out ).


Digital camera course in SOUREH HIGH SCHOOL 2006.


Digital camera techniques  tutorial held by  HOSSAIN KARIM ZADEH 2006.


Digital camera techniques   tutorial held by  Kian aman 2007.


Documentary photography tutorial held by HASSAN SARBAKHSHIAN in 2007.


Photoshop and lightroom workshop held by Ali Rajabi in 2010.


Critic photography  tutorial held by Hossein(Amir)  Paryas in 2011.


Critic photography  tutorial held by  Hasan sarbakhshian in 2011-2012.


Photography Teacher in Negative cafe-workshops 2012.


Studying  Filmmaking in Whistling Woods International film schools.


Studying  Digital-Filmmaking in S.A.E Institute .


Studying  Filmmaking E-Course held by Hassan sarbakhshian.


Work/contribution with Press:



CHN news agency


CHN news agency,Editor


Miras aria news agency ( Contributing )


Miras aria news agency,Editor  ( Contributing )


Ecopetronews news agency ,Editor


Working with iranian photographer association  ( Contributing )


Shabestan news agency


YJC news agency


Alborz sport news paper   ( Contributing )


working with iranian artists site  ( Contributing )


working with GARDESHGARAN magazine


working with NINI magazine  ( Contributing )


working with SARZAMINE MAN magazine  ( Contributing )


working with 90 news paper  ( Contributing )


working with Tehran emrouz news paper  ( Contributing )


working with Hayat no news paper ( Contributing )


working with Mehr news agency ( Contributing )







The best Iranian documentary photographer 2011( Semi final )